Say "thank you" with style!

Corporate Creations LLC is proud to be a member of Savor Wisconsin!

Thank you for wanting to

"say 'thank you' with style"

to your clients, referral sources & employees!

           * Quality                                                      

                    - Gourmet products usually from Wisconsin

                    - Artistic Design from start to finish                             

                    - Hand printed messages on gift enclosure cards

           * Easy Ordering

                    - E-mail  provide

                             * Recipient name & address 

                             * Personalized Greeting (what should the card read?)

                             * Amount of basket (excluding shipping/handling)

                             * Method of payment (check, credit card of M/C or VISA)

                   - Telephone 262.377-4863

                   - Establish tier gifting:  Work with us to have set baskets on hand

           * Client Friendly

                   - Requires no watering

                   - Shelf life of up to 6 months

                   - Non-perishable

          * Customized  

                  - Include corporate premiums

               - In-house imprinted corporate ribbon

               - Respect for personal & cultural needs

Sample gifts shown may have items that are no longer available.  Items may be substituted at greater or equal value without notification.